Land Surveying – Basic Principal and Classification [Surveying MCQ]- Page 5

Question No.21.

In a diagonal scale only

[SSC JE 1 March 2017]

Question No. 22.

Which one of the following surveys is employed for collecting sufficient data in connection with sewage disposal and water supply works?


Question No. 23.

In geodetiç survey higher accuracy is achieved if

[I.0.F. JE 2015]

Question No. 24.

A rectangular plot of 16km square in area is shown on a map by a similar rectangular area of 1cm square. R.F. of the scale to measure a distance of 40 km will be:

[UP Jal Nigam JE 2013, L.M.R.C. JE 2015]

Question No. 25.

Which of thę following scąle is largest one ?

[F.CI. JE 2016]