Land Surveying – Basic Principal and Classification [Surveying MCQ]- Page 6

Question No.26.

The representative fraction of the scale 1cm=100km will be

[F.C.I. JE 2016]

Question No. 27.

A scale of 1 inch= 50 ft is mentioned on an old map. What is the corresponding equivalent scale?

[UPPCI JE 2015/UPRVUNL JE 9-11-2016]

Question No. 28.

Which of the following closely represents the shape of the earth?

[Utarakhand JE 2016]

Question No. 29.

The representative fraction 1/1,00,000 signifies a scale of

[I.S.R.O. 2015]

Question No. 30.

Geodetic survey of India was done, using

[UKPSC AE Paper 11 2013]