UPSC Civil Service Exam Questions – Section 2

Question No. 6.
For total reaction time of 2.5 seconds, coefficient of friction 0.35, design speed 80 km/h, what is the stopping sight distance on a highway ?

Question No. 7.
What is the use of a station pointer ?

Question No. 8.
The plastic modulus of a section is 5 x 10-4m3. Its shape factor is 1.2 and the plastic moment capacity is 120 kNm. What is the value of the yield stress of the material ?

Question No. 9.
According to ICAO recommendations, what is the rate of elevation correction for the runway above MSL ?

Question No. 10.
The absolute maximum Bending Moment in a simply supported beam of span 20 m due to moving udl of 4 t/m spanning over 5 m is

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