UPSC Civil Service Exam Questions – Section 1

Question No. 1.
The following steps are involved in laying a sewer in a trench :

1. Transferring the center line of the sewer to the bottom trench.

2. Setting sight rails over the trench.

3. Driving pegs to the level of the invert line of the sewer.

4. Placing the sewer of these steps is

The correct sequence of these steps is

Question No. 2.
A horizontal rod AB carries three loads of 3.0 kg, 7.0 kg and 10.0 kg at distances of 2.0 cm, 9.0 cm and 15 cm respectively from A where it is hinged. Neglecting the weight of the rod, which is the point at which the rod will be balance ?

Question No. 3.
Distemper is used to coat

Question No. 4.
A soil has a liquid limit of 45% and lies above the A-line when plotted on a plasticity chart. The group, symbol of the soil as per Soil Classification is

Question No. 5.
A high efficiency pump is required for low discharge, high head and low maintenance cost. Delivery of water need not be continuous. The pump need not run at high speed. Which one of the following is the correct choice ?

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