Land Surveying – Basic Principal and Classification [Surveying MCQ]- Page 3

Question No.11.

The most widely used antenna in GPS is:

[RJC Exam, 21-08-2016]

Question No. 12.

In case of a direct vernier scale ..

[SSC JE 4 MARCH 2017 Evening Shif]

Question No. 13.

Difference in length of an arc and its subtended chord on earth’s surface for a distance of 18.2 km is …

[SSC JE 1 MARCH 2017 Moming Shift]

Question No. 14.

Survey of India was publishing toposheets using a scale of:

[UPRVUNL JE 09-11-2016]

Question No. 15.

For a triangle at the earth surface having an area of 195 square meter, the difference between the sum of angle in a plane triangle and spherical triangle is:

[Chhatisgarh professional exam. board 2016]