Land Surveying – Basic Principal and Classification [Surveying MCQ]- Page 1

Question No.1.

Which one of the following survey equipments is battery operated?

[MP Drafman JE 08 July 2017 AM]

Question No. 2.

The curvature of the earth’s surface is taken into account if the extent of survey is more than [ssc 2007]

[SSC 2007]

Question No. 3.

200 sq. meter is equal to

[Draftman 2016 ]

Question No. 4.

The fundamental principle of surveying is to work from the

[Raj, SSB JE O3-07-2016]

Question No. 5.

Name the type of surveying in which the mean square of the earth is consiclered as a plane and the spheroidal shape of the earth is neglected.

[MP VYAPM Sub Engineer 9 July 2017]