Land Surveying – Basic Principal and Classification [Surveying MCQ]- Page 8

Question No.36.

In order to determine the natural features sueh as valleys, rivers, lakes etc. the surveying preferred is-

[RRB JE 30.08.2015]

Question No. 37.

In an engineering drawing it is written scale 1cm= 100 m. Which ratio dose it correspond to?

[RRB JE Patna Green Paper 14.12.2014]

Question No. 38.

Comparative scale is a pair of scale having,a common

[RRB JE Chennai Red Paper 14.12.2014]

Question No. 39.

Surveys which are carried out to depict mountains, rivers, water bodies, wooded areas and other cultural detail, are known as:

[ESIC JE 2016]

Question No. 35.

The representative fraction of 1/1,00,000 signifies a scale of

[RRB JE Ahmedabad 14.12. 2014]

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