Strength of Materials MCQ Section 2

Question No. 6.
A cantilever of constant depth carries a uniformly distributed load on the whole span . to make the maximum stress at all section the same , the breadth of the section at a distance x from the free end should be proportional to

Question No. 7.
In a simply supported beam of uniform rectangular cross-section carrying an isolated force at the centre,the depth is halved ,the deflection of the beam at the centre will be increased by a factor

Question No. 8.
A couple is applied at the free en of a cantilever beam. the shape of the bending moment diagram will be

Question No. 9.
The ratio of critical load between a fixed ended column and a cantilever column is

Question No. 10.
A solid circular shaft is subjected to a bending moment M and torque T. The ratio of maximum bending stress to the maximum shear stress given by

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