Building Stone – [Building Materials MCQ] – Page 2

Question No.6.

In Brinell Hardness Test, the type of indentor used is?

[SSC JE 2016]

Question No. 7.

According to IS 1077, class 10 bricks are the bricks having

[MP VYAPM Sub Engineer 9 Juy 2017]

Question No. 8.

The pressure acting on the stones in stone masonry const. should be

[HPSSSB JE 31 April 2017]

Question No. 9.

Granite and rhyolite are examples of which of the following?

[MP VYPAM 08-07-2017]

Question No. 10.

Which of the following could be the specific gravity of stone to be used as a bulding material?

[SSC JE3 MARCH 2017]