Analysis of Rates of RCC M25,M20,M15 based on BCD SOR 2022

Analysis of Rates of RCC (Reinforcd Cement Concrete)

In This Post Analysis of Rates of BCD Sor 2022 Item Code-

5.33.A – RCC M20

5.33.A.1 – All work up to Plinth Level

5.33.A.2 – All work Plinth upto 5 floor level

5.33.A.2.1 – Coloumn

5.33.A.2.2 – Beam,plinth Beam,Suspended Floor,Roof etc

5.33.B.1 – RCC M25 instead of M20

5.33.B.2 – RCC M30 instead of M20

5.33.B.3 – RCC M35 instead of M20

5.33.B.4 – RCC M15 instead of M20

5.33A Providing and laying in position machine batched, machine mixed and machine vibrated design
mix cement concrete of specified grade for reinforced cement concrete structural elements, excluding the cost of centring, shuttering finishing and reinforcement, M-20 grde reinforcd cement concrete

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